Depending upon the nature of soil at site condition, the foundation will be design of R.C.C Column Footing.


It will be at 3'-0" ht. above the existing ground level with inter connecting RCC plinth beam above 9" brick wall and be filled with filling soil, and top layer with sand and P.C.C.

Brick work:

Quality B.W with all outer walls will be 9" thick and inner wall be 4.5" thick will be done with necessary cement mortar.

Structure work:

1:1½:3 mix R.C.C Column, 9"x 9" & Plinth beam depth of (1'3" x 9") at ground level, Cut Lintel/sunshade above the doors and window, roof beam at slab level (1'0") combined with roof slab (4.5") thick with necessary reinforcement.


All internal ceiling with C: M 1:3 mix & walls will be finished smooth of cement ratio of 1:4 mix and external walls and sunshades will be 1:5 mix with semi – smooth finished.

Kitchen Platform

The total length of the kitchen platform will be 10'0" including the sink. The top of the platform will be made with granite slab of 2'0" wide. Plain ceramic tile (1'x8") will be provided and the wall up to 2'0" ht. A S.S sink of size 1'6"x1'6" will be provided at a suitable place. Two taps one for Bore water and another for drinking water. Exhaust fan power point and exhaust hole will be provided at the suitable place.


Main door will be of teak wood frame with shutter, and all other doors will be of country wood frame with Readymade panel doors. Windows will be of country wood single leaf glazed shutters and ventilators louver type glassed panel. For toilets PVC door will be provided.

Joinery schedule:

Main door (MD) - 3'3"x 7'0"

Panel Doors (D1) - 3'0"x7'0"

Toilet doors pvc (D2) - 2'6" x7'0"

Window (W1) - 4'0"x4'0"

Window (W2) - 3'0"x3'0"

Ventilator (V) - 2'0"x2'0"

All windows will be provided with M.S grills fixed with screws in the frame and ventilators with necessary fittings.


All rooms will be laid by 2x2 vitrified tiles, In toilet 12X8 Ceramic tiles to be used and wall tiles up to 7 ft ht.


All rooms applied with two coats of wall putty with emulsion finish. Outer walls will be finished with two coat of emulsion of desired colors.

Main door will be polished (scalar varnish), all other doors, windows, ventilator and M.S grills with two coats of enamel paint.

Electrical Work

Three phase – Concealed wiring (ISI brand) will be provided in each rooms with necessary points for light fan and 5& 15 amps switches for electrical appliances. A water heater points will be provided in all toilet and branded switches and sockets will be provided.

Plumbing & Sanitary

A EWC (Closet) will be provided in the toilet. An internal plumbing and sanitary line will be concealed. Taps will be provided in Dining at a suitable place all plumbing fixtures will be fixed branded and sanitary wares are Dissuaded Color.

Parapet wall/Weathering course:

Parapet wall will be 4.5"thick for the height of 2'6" above the roof slab and panthal ring in the pillar will be fixed. And Brickbat with lime mortar over which a layer of pressed tiles will be laid with proper slope.